Mas Vinyoles Venture Factory

We are a “startup factory” that set up successful business projects

following the “Venture Building” model.

We develop projects together with entrepreneurs

and technological partners. With the support of investors.

We are Co Founders with you.

Why Mas Vinyoles Venture Factory?

We bet for the emergency of new, highly innovative activities and we continue developing the best business idea

Projects from scratch

We rise projects with the entrepreneurs and investors, with the aim of success after the first phase of consolidation.

High variety of projects

We like to combine online projects of short cycle and long cycle projects on/off-line with hardware, software, TIC, ...

From the inside territory with global vision

We do entrepreneurship out of the metropolitan sphere, with global vision to do scalable projects.

Corporate design customized

We customize the corporate structure, financing and pacts of partners.

Initial financing

We contribute in the initial financing of the projects selected.

We bet on quality

We do not have quantity targets but quality targets. Each project has its own pace of maturation

Do you want to know our Startups?

Ermen Llobet, founder of Mas Vinyoles Venture Factory

Sectors where we work


We have more than 40 years of experience in the creation of companies in the clean tech and smart tech sectors

Clean Tech


Renewable energies

Material Recycling

Circular Economy



Smart Grids

Electric accumulation


Energy efficiency

Green Mobility

Forest management

Photovoltaic self-consumption

Heat networks

Separate collection

Energy services

Bio plastics

Smart Tech


Internet of Things

Big Data

Smart cities

Interconnected vehicle

New materials

Intelligent parking

Machine Learning

Neural Networks


Artificial Intelligence



Collaborative Economy

Traffic control