Our projects’ DNA

We like to have a variate menu of projects, with different duration (short ones or longer ones).

We like software, but also hardware, the services, but also the products.



Varied projects with common elements: based on technology, knowledge and digitalization, and also with scalable potential

We want solid projects; that is the reason why we bet on quality more than quantity. 



That is why we like to have good technological partners .

And that is why we are tenacious in achieving success, when we have a good project in our hands.



Our methodology is mainly a toolbox.

Strategies for generating business ideas

The process of developing a project

Example of the evolution of the partners’ participations

Society constitution

  • MVVF

  • Investors MVVF

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Technological partners

1st round of investments

  • MVVF

  • MVVF investors + New investors

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Technological Partners

2nd round of investments (MVVF and co-investors exit)

  • MVVF

  • Initial investors

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Technological partners

  • Venture Capital