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Become a co-investor of startups emerging in Mas Vinyoles Venture Factory

Our unique venture building model optimizes the profitability of

investments by diversification, minimization of failure rates and maximum revaluation of startups


Co-invest with us

Mas Vinyoles Venture Factory is part of the investors of each startup that arises

Diversify the portfolio

Invest in the different startups that we develop in Mas Vinyoles Venture Factory

Emerging Sectors

Invest in innovation and high technology businesses in the clean tech and Smart tech sectors

Better opportunities

We choose the best ideas, the best business model and the best team for each startup we create

“The participation of Mas Vinyoles in the definition of the project, the creation of the entrepreneurial team and the proactive support in the whole process of start-up and consolidation, as well as the adequate management of the company and the teams, allow maximizing the chances of success of the projects.”


Ermen Llobet, Mas Vinyoles Venture Factory’s Co-founder

Investments made

Invested capital 365.000 €

Invested capital 228.000 €

Invested capital 150.000 €

Investment phases


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